NAESP 2011 Community Service Day

On Thursday, April 7th, NAESP brought over 100 principals to Booker T. Washington School in Tampa, Florida to work with Landscape Structures and Growums to install an outdoor learning classroom. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in this community service day each of the last three years. The collective efforts of my colleagues has led to some great results for students in these schools.


One of the things I most enjoy about these volunteer opportunities is exactly that which drew me to education in the first place. I feel very good about being able to help in these schools, even if only for one day. I get the opportunity to interact with other principals, see other school building structures and provide a new opportunity for students in the school.


There is a lot of sweat equity we put into this project. In the above picture, my colleagues are working to create a sand garden for students to discover buried fossils and other things. They are also clearing plant and material waste.


In this picture, we’re getting to the bottom of the mulch pile. I don’t know the volume of mulch we put into the learning space but it looked like a mighty mountain at the start.


You can see more pictures taken by NAESP at

It was a great day with colleagues from all over. I spent time working in teams with principals from Texas, Iowa, North Dakota, Tennessee and Michigan. I think these kinds of opportunities are a great part of the convention experience and I am very grateful for the chance I’ve had to contribute to this NAESP effort.

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