Teacher Appreciation Week

I read John Holland’s #Iknowateacher meme and am inspired to acknowledge those special educators who have had an impact on my learning, my children’s learning or my students’ learning. I know lots of teachers will receive gifts of differing sizes and shapes. Though this is not quite as tangible as those gifts might be, it is my hope that they all know the ways in which they have touched the lives of children in positive ways.

I know a teacher who found an old geometry book to give a 2nd grade student who was interested in math but had already mastered the 2nd grade curriculum.

I know a teacher who goes to student activities because he wants them to see him in their lives as he sees them in his.

I know a teacher who makes every student feel like a star by seeing each student and noticing things like their shoes.

I know a teacher who has gone to places where a student works to talk with him in his element.

As I think about all the teachers who have touched my life and the lives of my children and students, I appreciate all the hard work that goes into teaching. I appreciate the often overlooked little things these teachers have done to connect with students. I appreciate the positive connections they make with parents in support of our school community. In this week of Teacher Appreciation, I hope everyone takes a moment to think about the teacher who had the most positive impact on his/her life.

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